Backcountry Blood Pressure Monitor


The Backcountry Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for remote medicine applications.

Equipped with both automatic and manual systems in a compact form factor, the BP monitor is adaptable to diverse situations & environments with backup measures in place.

School Group Topic – Individual Products (2021)


The product targets two demographics, emergency response, such as ski patrol, and those with an underlying health condition requiring routine blood pressure monitoring.

When in the backcountry, space and weight are at a premium. Automated systems provide convenience, while manual backups are life-saving. The Backcountry BP Monitor seeks to address these needs in a compact form factor delivered in the size of a large snack bar.

Process Work

Product Tear Down

To better understand how a blood pressure monitor works we unassembled a wrist blood pressure monitor.



The preliminary design selected was one with one on/off button, LCD display with an integrated solar cell, a manual pressure release button, and a manual pump.

When the batteries are drained, the product performs like a solar calculator.


For reference on size, parts from the teardown were reconfigured. The final configuration was the approximate size of a large snack bar.

Final Prototype Construction

The final prototype was constructed with a stitched seam construction. To mount the cuff to the BP monitor, a sail-inspired track was used.

Use Cycle

Final Work

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