Ben Tripp is a Canadian Industrial Designer based out of Ontario. Currently, he is pursuing a Masters of Design at Carleton University with a focus on med tech in the area of targeted compression to improve circulation for adults aging in place and individuals with limited walking mobility.

Ben’s design style is inspired by a compact use of space and the creation of approachable products for the user. He has a background in engineering after completing a year of mechanical engineering at Ontario Tech University before discovering Industrial Design. He brings a dynamic understanding of materials and the environment to create products that are elegant and functional.

Areas of design that I am passionate about are outdoor recreation, biomedical, and robotics.


HulFlo Boat Dryer

HulFlo is a boat dryer to reduce the breakdown of structural materials in high-performance watercraft such as sailboats and rowing shells.

Keeping a boat dry helps maintain the performance of the boat and increases its life span up to 4x longer.

Backcountry BP Monitor

The Backcountry Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for remote medicine applications.

Equipped with both automatic and manual systems in a compact form factor, the BP monitor is adaptable to diverse situations & environments with backup measures in place.

5-Axis CNC Mill/Printer

The 5-axis CNC is designed to perform both milling & printing operations.

Applications: Prosthetics & products with organic surfaces.

*CNC – Computer Numerical Control

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